NYC pic cropped borderHi, I’m Stephanie Murphy. I’m a professional voice actor. Thanks for visiting my website!

Since 2009 I’ve voiced many dozens of phone systems for all different types of businesses.

Some of my past clients have included physicians’ offices, insurance providers, home supply companies, car dealerships, IT solutions firms, and fashion companies.

It would be my pleasure to help you in creating a professional voicemail greeting to welcome your customers.

Here are some examples of how my voice sounds.

Demo 1: Example friendly, professional phone greeting.

Demo 2: Auto-attendant prompt

Demo 3: Happy, upbeat, excited phone greeting.

My goal in voicing phone systems is to put customers on the other end of the line at ease. Even if they have a customer service issue or need help, hearing a friendly and soothing voice on the phone can really make a difference. It has for me when I’ve been the customer calling in the past!

A professional phone greeting need not cost a fortune, or even close. Recordings for phone systems are the most affordable type of voiceover. (See my rates.) At the same time, having a professional voice greet your customers goes such a long way toward helping them feel welcomed and cared for. A professional voicemail greeting is a worthwhile investment for any business – and can fit nearly any budget.
I work quickly. I can return most scripts on the same day or next day after hearing from you.
Don’t have a script and don’t know where to start? No worries, I’ve provided some convenient telephone and voicemail script templates to help. For other questions about my policies and rates, perhaps my FAQ could help.
If you’re ready to get started, please get in touch with me to request a free audition sample and rate quote! I’m excited to hear from you…
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or, if you’re ready to move forward now, you can check out directly through this site.

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